Mirali Shahidi Ethical Hacker

Information and network security specialist

Taking psychology courses with the following topics:

Problem-solving skills;
Emotional Intelligence;
Strengthen self-esteem;
Dealing with procrastination;
stress management;
In the Free Education Center of Tehran University.
The duration of the course is about thirty hours.
Date:'Thursday, April 21, 2022'
Brand personalization;


About Ethical Hacker


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Who Am I ? !

What are the characteristics of a ethical, moral and legal hacker? and how is it? Most of the things you will read about me!, What is the job of information and network security management? .

About Me

About my life;
professional skills;
interests and activities;
communication channels;
specialized qualifications obtained;
unqualified skills;
military service status;
work history;
important point About my professional expertise in the field of ethical and legal hacking;
website features;
website services;
etc; ... .

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If you have been redirected to this page from internet search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., the topic and keywords for SEO are the same: Mirali Shahidi Ethical Hacker And Mirali Shahidi Cisco Specialist Ethical Hacker You have been referred to this page correctly. This website is to introduce me to the specialized field of Internet communications and Internet infrastructure communications, and in the future, with the welcome of those interested in these topics, this page of the services' website will be more diversified and updated.

Personal profile

My Name Is : Mirali Shahidi
Residence : Tehran Iran
Place of birth : Tehran Iran
Date of birth : 1986 .

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Standby place

Willing to relocate : Anywhere Work,
To work in your country, you must send an official invitation to your country's embassy or consulate general in Iran, Tehran.
In the case of countries that do not have an embassy or consulate in Iran; Switzerland is the guardian of their country's interests, and they can send their official invitation through the Swiss embassy.

Occupational specialization

Experience Cisco Network Engineer Ethical Hacker — Tehran, IR December 2016 to June 2017 Rightel Third and fourth generation mobile operators in Iran — Tehran, December 2016 to June 2017.
Penetration test Non-disclosure agreement
Technical contracts Cisco Network Engineer Tehran Iran.


Education High school diploma or GED in Math and physics Tehran October 2005 to June 2006.

Unrelated work experience

Installation of local networks for restaurants, cafés, hotels, offices, security facilities;
Head of office and operator of intercity transportation services and collector Administrative Services Officer Within the city under the supervision of a company affiliated with Tehran Municipality For four years;
Ceremonial driver For a week;
Taxi service driver for six months;
Employee Registration Electronic Identity Card ID For a week;
Executor and marketer of advertising services non-stop for six months;
Professional assembly of personal, home and office computers;
Installation and adjustment of satellite receivers(Digital Video Broadcasting);
Professional replacement of faucet washers,... .

Special Skills

•Network + (8 years);
•CompTIA A+ (15 years);
•Security + (4 years);
•CCNA 640-802 (4 years);
•CCNP 642-813 (4 years);
•CCNP 642-902 (4 years);
•CCNP 642-832 (4 years);
•CEH (4 years);
•CCIE (4 years);
•CCAr (4 years);
•CCSP (4 years);
•CISM (Beginner);
•LPIC (Less than 1 year);
•C Programming language (Beginner);
•Algorithm and flowchart(Beginner);
•Q Basic Programming;
•HTML (Beginner);
•CSS (Beginner);
•C++ Programming language (Beginner);
•JAVA; Programming language (Beginner);
•Social Engineering;
•Fast learning computer science, ... .

Specialized certificates

Certifications and Licenses:
Network + November 2012 to December 2012 Intensive Courses
CCNA 640-802 July 2013 to September 2013 Intensive Courses .

based on standards:
And managements:
ISM;SOC;CERT; (C.S.I.R.T); ...
And the C2M2 maturity model
Start Course:'On October 2021',
End Course:'On April 2022',
Course duration: more than eighty hours.
Course organizer Free Education Center, University of Tehran, Faculty of Modern Sciences and Technologies,
University of Tehran


•Farsi — Expert
•English — Expert .

Military service status

Military Service Branch: Navy of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Service Country: Iran, Rank: Marine of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Navy), December 2007 to August 2009 .

Things I Can Do

Mountaineering; riding bike; Repair my own professional bike; Internet entertainment; watching a movie; Listening to music; walking(A long time During the week between 10 and 20 km); Tourist and nature tourism; My interest is in Iranian handmade carpets Because my father's job was in this case and I also have information about the art of Iranian hand-woven carpets; Circulation and driving around Iran with a length of twenty thousand kilometers, Reading and watching political media, And many other positive things ... .

A Few Accomplishments

My achievements are in sports and specialization and helping others who are seeking knowledge .

Important note

Important note:
Ethical and legal hacker is an individual or a group that performs a penetration test to solve the current and future problems of the communication network or software, by concluding a formal contract and determining the limits of authority .


Good time to you readers of this article I have been thinking about the issue of business and development and idea generation in the information and communication technology industry for many years, and many ideas that have been put into practice. My goal is to combine personal skills and link all skills to business development. You can also share your suggestions, suggestions and partnerships with me.


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Network Glossary

Security Network Glossary

Glossary of Key Information Security Terms


Will Elon Musk be the next president of the United States?
The 2024 US elections will take place after the inauguration and from January 20, 2025 to January 20, 2029.

Skilled hackers of the world From:
Covid virus 19.
The new coronavirus.
Coronavirus disease 2019.
2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease‎.
What do they know ?! ... .

Persian Hand Woven Carpet


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Any activity related to cycling; specialized repairs; Advice for buying; Conferences; Competitions; Travel and leisure; Be related .


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